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We are looking for people to help distribute The Digest around the state, particularly students on college campuses.  The liberal Left has dominated the print market of ideas long enough.  We’ve got GREAT ideas. We just need to put them in front of our fellow citizens–Wisconsinites are smart enough to know a better idea when they see one.  To get editions mailed to you, please email Mr. Bob Dohnal, Publisher, at

The Digest, August 2012.

Archived Editions:

The Digest (December 2010)
The Digest, May 2011

The Digest (December 2010)

The Digest – CAMPAIGN EDITION (Fall 2010)
The Digest (Summer 2010)
The Digest (Winter-Spring 2010)
The Digest; March 2012.

The Digest, May 2012

The Conservative Digest is a compilation of conservative ideas and issues for the benefit of the people of Wisconsin. Most of these articles–published by legislators, analysts, and activists–cannot be found anywhere else in the state. Our goal is to identify a problem, analyze it, discuss how it is being mishandled and offer constructive solutions.


We invite people to submit articles and op-eds that not only identify a variety of local and state problems but also propose rational solutions or alternative courses of action.  The circulation of ideas is crucial to refining the most appropriate way forward.

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